Bouncing from Brazil.

Suspensive news was bouncing from Brazil when the Telegram app was accessible, then was suspended, and then was not suspended.

Yesterday’s news:

PlayStation controlled video games.

Today’s topic:
“PlayStation-controlled robot fertilizes human eggs”.

If you have ever wondered what you have in common with ChatGPT the answer is as easy as one, two, eleventy.

People who work for Lyft have been told they will need to return to the office ‘beginning after Labor Day’ because ‘ the right balance between trust and choice’ is so much last year’s news.

Rust never sleeps for the Windows coding team at Microsoft.

Take a shot in the dark and guess if you can purchase a “smart gun with facial and fingerprint recognition”.

Yesterday’s news:

Salesforce ‘chopped ten percent of the workforce.’

Today’s topic:
“Salesforce boss scores payday of nearly $30m.”

Dropbox is dropping ” around 500 employees, making up about 16 percent of the company’s entire workforce” because reasons.

If you guessed “19.1 million” as the number of PlayStation 5 consoles that Sony sold in fiscal 2022 open up a bottle of Mountain Dew and celebrate.

PingPipe has custom shop dedicated server hosting available for you in Singapore with super fast connectivity to the Singapore Internet Exchange.

Microsoft has announced “that it has no plans to release any more new versions of Windows 10,” because reasons.

Believe it or not this report says that “Google plans to add end-to-end encryption to Authenticator”.

Taste of Technical News.

Today’s taste of technical news includes an artificial intelligence “model that generates complex recipes from images of available ingredients”.

Artificial Intelligence replaced the announcers at “an offbeat Swiss public radio station” this past week even though “there’s a human element missing.”

Reports are in that say Android users can now quickly delete the last 15 minutes of their Google search histo