Sober Second Thought.

It is very important to take time for sober second thought before you pay for a domain name registration.

The following report is endorsed by Americans who like to wear pants when they go to work:
Official data shows that “remote work is making Americans less productive”.

Believe it or not this report says that Uncle Sam is is cracking down on “fake reviews and bad influencers”.

The status of Iran’s quantum processor has been downgraded to: “a $600 dev board you could buy on Amazon.”

Attention Walmart drivers:
Those bots that were supposed to be saving you time at your job might be costing you money on your pay.

If you are planning on submitting games with Artificial Intelligence Art into the Steam Store just don’t do it.

Here is a bit of wise news from the folks at television station that says “failed tech company Bitwise and its leaders are the target of a federal criminal investigation.”

If you have ever wondered what the CEO of a tech company with a “a $3 trillion market capitalization” today may be your lucky day.

A guy in California has created an Artificial Intelligence “chat bot to waste the time of telemarketers” because why the heck not.

Believe it or not “Presidential per-candidates and political leaders in Argentina have signed a commitment to combat disinformation in social networks and digital media”

Reports are in that say tech firms have sued “Arkansas over social media age verification law”.

Either this is a mistake or it’s a Happy 50th Birthday Greetings to Ethernet.

If you have ever wondered about the morality of buying that robot companion for your grandma you are apparently not alone.