Artificial Intelligence can help.

Artificial Intelligence can help people on a deeply personal level. Like this guy who used it in a totally non creepy way to save his marriage.

Today’s data leak news includes a classified advertisement website and access to “sensitive personally identifiable data of advertisers simply by pressing F12 on the keyboard.”

According to this report “Gmail accounts are used in 91% of all baiting email attacks” **

** with hepful picture of what bait may look like.

If you have been scavenging in garbage dumps around Newport Wales, U.K and found a hard drive it might be worth $357 million in bitcoin.

PingPipe has some great custom shop dedicated servers for MetaTrader projects in state-of-the-art data centers in Amsterdam, London, Singapore and New York City locations with super fast connectivity and guaranteed network uptime.

The rating of a “zero-click exploit used to hack Apple devices” has been updated to “”incredible and terrifying”.

Here is a report that says Chrome OS tablets are getting chromier but not getting better.

Today’s ransomware news includes:
1) workforce management heavyweight Kronos.
2) its ability to handle hours and payroll at well-known companies like GameStop, Honda and Whole Foods.
3) all of the above.

Reports are in that say Windows 11 shut down Firefox’s default browser workaround, because reasons.

How crypto mining became the oil industry’s new hope.

Believe it or not, here is a report on “how crypto mining became the oil industry’s new hope:

The status of Apple’s iPhone privacy feature has been updated to “like an X-ray for apps”.

While you have been playing the latest gaming app for your smartphone recently “a team modelled plasma turbulence on the nation’s fastest supercomputer”

After reports of “a workplace culture that’s both toxic and sexist” the head of HR at video game developer Bungie jumped into a new phase of her career.