Purchased a land NFT.

If you have purchased a land NFT because you want to participate in “building a city on the Ethereum blockchain” you are going to have a bad day.


Reports are in that say Microsoft invested “$50 million in an alcohol-to-jet fuel biorefinery” because Clippy gets what Clippy wants.


Now then, Sony has stopped selling PS Now cards in physical stores.


Here is the story of a woman who “ran a program that used iPods to teach reading and math to underprivileged Native American schoolkids living on tribal land”


Sort of news: It has been more than than 20 years since the world heard of “the lawsuit that at one time threatened to end Linux in the cradle”

Hold, please:

finally its status has been updated to “mostly settled”.


If you have ever wondered what happens when a “real estate browsing website” buys too much real estate and then tries “to offload around $2.8 billion worth of houses onto investors” you are not alone.


Yesterday’s news:

Possibly having to search for a lost usb drive with 1 TB of data on it.

Today’s topic:
Possibly having to search for a lost “5D Optical Disc that could store 500TB for billions of years”


Now you can sea water happen when in a whale of a project when “armed with a paddle and a GoPro, an entrepreneur aims to create ‘Street View’ of Puget Sound”


Here is an intoxicating news report that says “bitcoin is financial sobriety”

In related news:
It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere.


The police force of Harrison County Indiana would like you to know that if you shoot your wife in the mouth while arguing with her about Bitcoin you *will* be arrested .