Using DNA to Generate 3D Images.

Today’s artificial intelligence news includes this report that says that “police are using DNA to generate 3D images of suspects they’ve never seen”. This may not end well. You have the right to remain silent.

According to this report ‘ Google says it has “cracked the code” to business intelligence.’
Don’t forget to turn off the lights on your way out.

In today’s chip fabrication news Micron has announced a ’20-year plan to build a $100 billion fab complex.

PingPipe has some great custom shop London dedicated servers available for you with super fast connectivity to the London Internet Exchange [LINX, LD4, LD5, etc].

Reports are in that say ‘TikTok wants to open warehouses’ because reasons.

Here is a report that says ‘Chicago scientists are testing an unhackable quantum internet in their basement closet’.

Challenge accepted?

Software developers asked for it so Apple is introducing ‘interactive Q&As and one-on-one consultations’ Ask Apple for developers.

No response yet from Jeeves.

Fat brown bears in Alaska.

Today’s possible online voting controversy includes fat brown bears in Alaska and attempted election fraud.

According to this report even though Microsoft is saying that your Surface Studio 2 is not able to upgrade to Windows 11 that old Pentium 4 computer that you forgot to recycle is eligible. Wait. what?

Take a guess and see if “credit card PINs can be guessed even when covering the ATM pad”.

If you think that it is wrong that your “all-in-one” printer/scanner refuses to scan “when one of their ink tanks is empty” the folks behind a class-action lawsuit would like you to know that you are not alone.

Now you know that there was at least one person on the team over at Forbes wanted you to know “why the United States should embrace Bitcoin”. This report may have not aged well.