A New Robot.

This report says that “Google is testing a new robot that can program itself”.

In related news:
Wasn’t that the plot of a sci-fi movie?


Yesterday’s news:

Zoom meetings to avoid large groups of people.

Today’s topic:
Zoom meetings “to bring people from different markets together at the same time”.


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Latest thing to worry about lowering the quality of your Starlink download speeds:

“China testing anti-satellite nuclear weapons”.

That escalated quickly.


Level has levelled up about the recent reports of a “lock picker opening its $330 Apple Store lock in seconds”. https://pingyour.com/blog/nlb9

According to this report chip manufacturers in China have found a unique way “to dodge US sanctions”.**

** with helpful picture of what escargot may look like. https://pingyour.com/blog/0dl5

Reports are in that say it will soon be harder for Airbnb hosts to clean out your wallet with hidden cleaning fees. https://pingyour.com/blog/mmj7

Sort of news:

“The US Department of Justice has revealed it seized $3.36 billion of Bitcoin last year “

Snap, crackle, hold, please:
“in a hacker’s home in an underfloor safe and inside a popcorn tin.”


There is more to life without a new robot.

The folks over at BBC news would like you to know that “‘there really is more to life than posting on Instagram'”. https://pingyour.com/blog/froi

According to this report “Apple Watch is helping veterans and active service members deal with nightmares from PTSD”.

Is there anything that it can’t do ?


When ordering a Tesla Model Y make sure to check if there is an option for keeping the steering wheel physically attached to your vehicle while you are driving with your family on the freeway. https://pingyour.com/blog/ft46

According to this report the guy who created Gmail “says ChatGPT will destroy Google’s business in two years”. Still no report on his prediction for next week’s lottery results.