The Internet Was Better.

Here is a report that says ‘the internet was better at the turn of the century’.
History shows that four out of Four Yorkshiremen would agree.

Step 1 : Virtual Reality and the Metaverse.

Wait for it.
Step 2: ‘you can’t get people to embrace VR if it’s going to make them feel like throwing up.’
Step 3: go to step 1.

Here is a report on “how 5G’s rollout rattled hundreds of pilots”.

Avoid rattled pilots and rattled snakes.

Everything has an expiration date and according to this report “over 45,000 VMware ESXi servers” have reached theirs.

PingPipe has some great custom shop MetaTrader dedicated server web hosting available in London, Amsterdam, Singapore and New York with guaranteed network uptime, DDoS attack protection and super-fast connectivity:

There are 30,000 reasons why today may be your lucky day if you purchased an iPhone in 2007 and never opened its original packaging.

According to this report ‘at least 43 executives working with 16 listed Chinese semiconductor companies’ might have had their status updated to ‘executives formerly working with 16 listed Chinese semiconductor companies”.

Dave’s not here, man.

Dave’s not here, man, and in today’s news of things that can be ordered online in Canada at the same time this report says that people living in Toronto who are over 19 year old can purchase cannabis via the Uber Eats app.

User feedback reports from the Metaverse have been updated to “baffling branded content, persistent bugs, and empty worlds with no user interactions”.

Bonus content:
‘Most Metaverse users don’t even make it a month’.

A medical billing software maker in the US might be feeling sick now that a court has ruled that “there must be “direct” physical loss or physical damage in the company’s computer software for insurance policy coverage.”