Unskippable ads, unskippable ads.

Pause to consider that if you feel that YouTube is playing “as many as 10 unskippable ads during a single break” you are not alone.


Believe it or not a recent report from New York University based Global Witness and the Cybersecurity for Democracy Team (C4D) has said that “Facebook and TikTok are approving ads with ‘blatant’ misinformation”. https://pingyour.com/blog/wtr0

If you have ever wondered about ‘the big tech whiplash’ you are apparently not alone.

Bonus content:
“What to make of an unholy alliance between Ye, Musk, and Trump.”


Legislators in New Jersey are hoping to make car heated seat and car software subscriptions as illegal as pumping your own fuel at a BP gas station in Hoboken.


PingPipe has some great custom shop dedicated server web hosting available for you in London with super fast connectivity to the London Internet Exchange [LINX, LD4, LD5, etc].


Someone submerged an iPhone 11 “at the bottom of a lake for a week – and it still works”. No word yet if they used to dream about living in a corridor. https://pingyour.com/blog/hvyu

Say it loud, “Amazon’s big dreams for Alexa fall short”.


When you are thinking about all of the potential ways that ChatGPT can impact your life it is very important to remember Rule 34 of the Internet.


The police in Germany reportedly “have disrupted an international cybercrime gang which has been blackmailing” victims.

But wait, there’s more:

“that included Britain’s National Health Service and Dusseldorf University Hospital.”