$26M Will Cover Costs.

The Federal Aviation Administration in the US is saying that “$26M will cover costs to prevent 5G interference” to airplanes.
Let’s see how well this works out for them.


If you have ever wondered “how threat actors are using corporate VPN credentials to attack your organization” you are not alone and today may be your lucky day.


According to this post “ChatGPT will Be everywhere in 2023”

Hold, please:
“everywhere” technically includes your bathroom


Reports are in that say “crypto exchange FTX has now recovered more than $5 billion in cash” and now “is continuing to work towards liquidating another $4.6 billion in less convertible assets”

But wait, there’s more:
“a minimum of $5 billion is owed to smaller creditors and the firm’s nine million customers.”


Believe it or not “scientists were tricked into believing fake abstracts written by ChatGPT were real”


Reports are in that say Ubisoft cancelled three unannounced games and delayed Skull and Bones for the sixth time because reasons.


Parler “the self-described “free speech” social network” apparently laid off 75% of its staff and now has only 20 employees left. This may not end well for them.


People who bought he original Oculus Quest virtual reality headset will soon lose access to VR features because reasons.


Sort of news:

Bangladesh bans imports from Israel.

Hold, please:
“Companies run by Israeli businessmen have sold spyware and surveillance tools to Bangladesh|


Today’s artificial intelligence news includes a robot lawyer that will fight speeding tickets in court because why the heck not.


Let us not forget that Microsoft wished everyone a happy new year with an update that contained “patches for a whopping 98 vulnerabilities”