What exactly is the internet.

According to this report someone has taught ChatGPT how to crack Windows 95 keys.

Spoiler alert:
“It was successful, but it’s easier to do it yourself”


If you have ever spent a sleepless night staring at your bedroom ceiling while wondering “what exactly is the internet” you can now start dreaming.


Reports are in that say OpenAI is giving the boot to people who want to use “its generative AI chatbot, ChatGPT, in Italy.”


Here is news of a student in the UK who “has successfully appealed against a £60 parking fine by using a letter written by an artificial intelligence chatbot.”

** with helpful picture of what a UK student may look like.


This report says that a US federal labor agency would like you to know that “Activision Blizzard violated U.S. labor law by illegally surveilling employees and threatening to shut down internal chat channels”


The cause of recent delays at Singapore immigration has officially been identified as ‘a glitch in an upgrade’

Future plans may possibly ponder an attempt to try the glitch-free upgrade upgrade.


News from a dozen years ago:

Groupon goes public with going public with a $17.8 billion market cap

Todays market cap:

“just $103 million”

Subtraction summary:
“a drop of 99.4%”


This report dishes on Dish Network with a dash of ‘hot mess’


If you are an un-employed anti-union consultant Amazon has 14 million reasons why they want to speak with you.


Staff at Google are reported about to becoming less perky.