You don’t like Mondays.

If you don’t like Mondays but are still a fan of the fine art of surfacing today may be your lucky day.

Something something something “Sony releases its first over-the-counter hearing aids. They start at $1,000 and combine ‘premium’ technology”.

Sort of news:

Microsoft’s augmented reality Hololens goggles have been tested with US soldiers.

Hold, please:

‘The devices would have gotten us killed.’

If employees start comparing your web browser’s Incognito mode to “Guy Incognito” from The Simpsons you might be doing it wrong.

Reports are in that rate the Apple AirPod Pro 2 noise cancellation feature as “I need to retrain my brain”

Trying to cancel an online membership often has something in common with trying to cancel a gang membership.

According to this double-reversal turnaround report “Microsoft Office will become Microsoft 365”.
Not sure if advertising spin.

In an Noom number nom-nom this app that promotes weight loss has just slimmed its staff number by 10% because reasons.

Someone has made “a podcast that is entirely generated by artificial intelligence” because the world needs more artificially intelligent podcasts.

This report drops a dime on how a team at the Illinois Institute of Technology has “successfully extracted personal information from anonymous cell phone data using machine learning.”