Podcasts are losing their edge.

The internet needs a podcast on a series of podcasts about how podcasts are losing their edge.


Believe it or not this report says that “Google search chief warns AI chatbots can give ‘convincing but completely fictitious’ answers”


If you have ever wondered what would happen if a warehouse robot met a Roomba in your living room you are not alone and today may be your lucky day.


If you have ever wanted to learn about “Artificial intelligence’s dirty secret” you are not alone and today may be your lucky day.


Here is the story of a “blind software engineer that expanded access to Braille” with free, open source programs.
RIP John J. Boyer, who has died at age 86.


This report says that you should not “buy these 10 obsolete products” and then get off their lawn.


This report reports that instead of making it their ‘forever home’ potential users of the Pet Metaverse have instead sent it to ‘live on a nice farm upstate’.


It’s like RAA-A-AIN on your wedding day.
Also, timing is very important when your company is making new product announcements.


This report says that “Passwords still dominate”.**
** with helpful picture of what someone being dominated by a password may look like.


Rolls-Royce has partnered with a quantum computing software company because “quantum computers won’t be properly useful for manufacturing for at least five years and possibly longer”.


Here is some spiffy news in a jiffy from the UK that says Meta has been “ordered to sell Giphy.
People still not sure if it’s pronounced Giff or Jiff.