How the compact disc lost its shine.

Take a nostalgic look at “how the compact disc lost its shine”

Bonus content to make you feel old:

It has been over “30 years since Dire Straits’ Brothers in Arms began the CD boom”

News is in from China and “regulators have hit Alibaba with a record fine of 18 billion yuan (about $2.75 billion) for violating anti-monopoly rules”.

No word yet on other board games.

The folks over at Seagate are saying that they “just became the first data storage company ever to have shipped 3 zettabytes of hard drive storage capacity”

Bonus info for those playing at home:

One zettabyte is equal to a trillion gigabytes

Lenovo’s “latest gaming monster:
1) has “eight cores, 3.2GHz”
2) has a “giant heat sink, two fans”
3) is a smartphone.
4) all of the above.

Good news:
“Google has a secret blocklist that hides YouTube hate videos from advertisers”

Holed, please:
“but it’s full of holes”

Quickly zoom over here to learn about “A zero-day vulnerability in Zoom which can be used to launch remote code execution (RCE) attacks”