A swing and a Miss.

Programmers of software used for an airline’s reservation system took a swing and a Miss at calculating children’s weight.


Today’s Artificial Intelligence news includes reports that “Microsoft has released an open-source cyberattack simulator” and sometimes you have to ask yourself “Shall we play a game?”


When you see Google Play Store’s new user interface you might be hungry to see a retro hamburger menu:


Yesterday’s video game news:

Today’s video game topic:
“Watch a monkey equipped with Elon Musk’s Neuralink device play Pong with its brain”


If you are an iPhone user who has always wondered about what it’s like on the other side with Android you are not alone and thanks to Samsung and their iTest website today may be your lucky day.


COBOL is not dead yet:


Pintrest is setting up “a legal entity in Turkey” with extra stuffing “to comply with a controversial social media law”.


Believe it or not a recent study led by McGill University has found “that Canadians who use social media are more likely to consume this misinformation, embrace false beliefs about COVID-19.”


An engineer at Apple has reviewed the Apple app store security and, oh my, that’s not good at all.

Spolier alert:
“compared App Store’s defenses against malicious actors to bringing a plastic butter knife to a gunfight”,