Scientists in Switzerland.

Scientists in Switzerland have reportedly used a “high-performance computer where a Y-cruncher wrote it into the hexadecimal notation” and calculated Pi to 62.8 trillion digits.

Is there anything that scientists in Switzerland *can’t* do ?

Yesterday’s “free clip art of a cartoon rock” is today’s Non Fungible Token selling for $300,000.

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“This is the stupidest or the most incredible decision of our lives,”

Here is a look back at a reports of a “BlackBerry software flaw could impact cars, medical devices – U.S. agencies” and your memory of that time in the ’90s when you owned a BlackBerry smartphone.

Yesterday’s news:

You are testing a 3D printer in your office.

Today’s topic:
NASA is testing a “3D moon dust printer on the International Space Station”

Earlier reports “that Apple was dropping a copyright lawsuit against Corellium, a company that sells virtual iOS devices” have been updated to Apple has “filed a notice of appeal in this case.”

The developer of “an Apple Watch keyboard and iPhone keyboard intended for blind and low-vision users” has announced that they can’t see the project continuing.

Senators in the US have apparently said that it is time for TikTok to tell them “how it plans to collect voice and face data”

That data breach at T-Mobile has had its status updated to “impacting more than 47 million current, former and prospective customers.”*

  • not to be confused with that other data breach.

The government in China is saying that “hosts in China’s live streaming industry should speak Mandarin and dress appropriately when they market products online” or basically the exact opposite of where you live.

A hacker has learned that crime pays and “is being offered the role of Chief Security Advisor and a $500,000 reward” from the company he hacked into.

Here is a perspective on how “working from home or a hybrid option should be a permanent employee perk, given the resurgence of coronavirus cases”

Pants optional.

According to this report “Microsoft is making it harder to switch default browsers in Windows 11” because they can.