Tonga is accepting Bitcoin donations.

If you have been wondering whether Tonga is accepting “Bitcoin donations to aid with relief efforts as the country faces the aftermath of a huge volcanic shockwave leading to a tsunami” you are not alone and the answer is “YES”

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Open pit mining.

Today’s topic:
“building an open bitcoin mining system

The folks over at Fidelity Digital Assets would like you to know that “even if a country doesn’t agree with the fundamentals of bitcoin, they will be forced to acquire some as a form of insurance”

An overview of Lightning Network implementations:

Gamers who hold bitcoin are reportedly itching to switch to Twitch as news is out that the “Amazon-owned, leading game streaming platform Twitch has enabled bitcoin (BTC) and bitcoin cash (BCH) payments again”

Reports are in that say Bitmain has added “liquid cooling technology to its latest Bitcoin mining rigs” because why the heck not.

First first wave park in Central America called ‘Bitcoin Beach’.

Cowabunmga ! According to this report El Salvador is going “to build its first wave park in Central America called ‘Bitcoin Beach’ because reasons and when you think of bitcoin you naturally associate it with wave parks.

If you are tired of looking at desktop background 4k pictures of your cat and want to look at desktop 4k pictures of Bitcoin instead today may be your lucky day.

While you have been thinking about the amount of snow falling on the US east coast you probably didn’t stop to consider that “Bitcoin’s slump could be the start of a ‘crypto winter’ that sees prices crash”

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Google solves internet search questions.

Today’s topic:
“Google’s $1.5 billion research center to “solve death””

Microsoft is warning of a “destructive disk wiper targeting Ukraine”

No status report yet on constructive disk wipers.

A cryptocurrency token that involves a copy of the book Dune.

If you are asked to invest in a cryptocurrency token that involves a copy of the book Dune that recently sold “at auction for €2.66 million, which is around USD$3 million” you should be made aware that the offer may not be as spicy as it first seems.

The folks over at Nintendo would like you to know that there are “multiple sites impersonating the Japanese video game company’s official website and pretending to sell Nintendo Switch consoles at significant discounts.”

There is now apparently at least 25 less “large online tutoring firms” operating in China than there were in 2021.

Reports are in that say Apple “plans to spend billions on live sports content” because why the heck not.

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5G on your smartphone.

Today’s topic:
“Comcast announces world-first test of 10G modem technology capable of delivering multigigabit speeds to homes”