Dogecoin can be used to buy Tesla merchandise.

Dogecoin can now be used to buy Tesla merchandise.

In related Pavlovian news:
“The price of dogecoin jumped more than 15%”

Reports are in that “some Roku smart TVs are now showing banner ads over live TV” because of course they are.

If you have been wondering “why 5G is so concerning for U.S. airlines” you are not alone, and now you can learn “what Canada has done to fix it”

There is another new headstone in the Google graveyard.

RIP “Google’s original video content group, YouTube Originals”

You don’t need to break open a fortune cookie to know that even government websites in China get hacked, and will probably get hacked again within 30 minutes.

Yesterday’s news:


Today’s topic:
“a virtual gallery exhibit that showcases photos taken with the decades-old Game Boy Camera.”

According to this report “virtual reality is genuine reality”
No word yet if virtual reality realty is genuine reality realty.

Here is the story of “a person who used an Apple AirTag to stalk a victim in Montgomery County”

Police are reporting that the suspect is definitely NOT an angel from Montgomery.

Oh gee!
Oh gee!
Oh gee!
Oh gee!
Oh gee!

“Dubai’s Emirates Airlines has suspended “flights to several U.S. destinations on 5G concerns”

Reports are in that anyone traveling to the Beijing Olympics is required to document their health for authorities using “the My 2022 smartphone app which has vulnerabilities that could lead to hacking”
No word yet on smartphone app vulnerabilities that could lead to dancing.

Today’s Artificial Intelligence news includes this report of felony charges in L.A. County against a Tesla driver “in a fatal crash involving Autopilot”

Here is a report on what it will take to get Tonga back on the internet after the recent “volcano blast cut it off from the world”