A trojan has trampled 10 million.

A trojan has trampled 10 million.

According to this post a malicious Trojan has “trampled 10 million Android devices”

In related news:

“You may be advised not to look a gift horse in the mouth”


Good news for commuters:

Apple Pay works with your Visa credit card.

Hold, please:

“Large unauthorized contactless payments can be made on locked iPhones”


A hail of Artificial Intelligence weather forecasting


Here is news of a company that “has connected mobile phones directly to satellites” because why the heck not:


Believe it or not, reports are in that say “Chinese companies are suing Amazon after getting banned for paid reviews”


Hey Siri, see here:

Why did you make changes that “remove Call, Email, and Voicemail Features used by low vision and blind users.” ?


There has apparently been an Epik data breach that has exposed a controversial internet company’s entire server.


Mixed reviews are in on a reverse double reversal of earlier news with new reports that “Apple AirTag enables ‘Good Samaritan’ attacks”


Look no further, here is where you can learn that Google is using Artificial Intelligence “to help users explore the topics they’re searching for”


Tune in and hum along with this news that Artificial Intelligence has finished writing Beethoven’s 10th symphony:


Netflix has acquired an “independent game developer known for narrative-driven titles” because why the heck not.


If you have some extra funds available and want to buy third-party software in the Microsoft store September 30th may have been your lucky day.


Amazon has “announced its “home robot” — a wheeled device named Astro”

In related news:

“What Astro is — for better or worse — is a camera on wheels.”