Firefox browser hidden feature.

According to this report a Firefox browser extension had a hidden feature that “scammed users by emptying out their cryptocurrency wallets”

The status of Nokia has been updated to “Gone but Not Finnished”

The folks over at TikTok have said that they have hit “1 billion monthly active users globally”

China’s ban “on all cryptocurrency trading and mining” has reportedly caused “crypto exchanges and service providers scrambling to sever business ties with mainland Chinese clients.

Yesterday’s news:

Copy and paste your homework.

Today’s topic:

“Copy and paste the brain on neuromorphic chips”

A bitcoin mining company purchased a power plant in Pennsylvania because why the heck not.

Bonus content:

“The plant currently produces enough power for 1,800 Bitcoin miners, with output increases planned to support more than 20,000 miners by 2022.”l

The Online Safety Act in Australia is apparently an itch that needs scratching for sex workers down under.

It is high time for this report that says “smartphone sensor data has potential to detect cannabis intoxication”

Sort of news:

“Blue tooth slippers”

Hold, please:

are being used to cheat on an exam for teachers in India.